Class Action Suit Press Release

For Immediate Release

Class Action Lawsuit

24th May 2022

Ladies and gentlemen,

As we head to elections, one of the biggest misfortunes of our time is the huge number of entities (from sole proprietorships to Multinationals) that are owed billions of Kenya Shillings in unpaid fees for goods delivered as well as services offered- Populary referred to as Pending Bills

The Association in all fairness appreciates the various calls and directions offered by The President of the Republic OF Kenya, H.E. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta as well as the Secretary to National Treasury, Amb. Ukur Yattani towards requesting and religiously reminding Government entities (National, Semi-Autonomous Agencies and Devolved) to pay promptly.

The Pending bills menace has not only led to the closure of firms, but the ripple effects spread to; Closed firms, broken families, auctioned homes, suicides, and huge tax deficits among other disastrous results.

Coupled with this and as per the Resolutions of the National Executive Committee Meeting held on the 24th May 2022, the Association resolves the following:

  1. Having received overwhelming response, calls, and emails from within our ranks and beyond, The Association has set the Thursday, September 1st, 2022 as our filing Date for the ‘PENDING BILLS CLASS ACTION SUIT’
  2. The Association requests our members as well as Kenyans and indeed any Public Sector General Suppliers to furnish our offices with the following: Statement of the Pending Bills, Supporting Invoices as well as any prior demand letters sent. This can be submitted to our email by the 3rd of July 2022.
  3. Any person seeking to be enjoined in the proceedings should reach our Chairman on

The Class Action suit is supported by our Members, Kenyans of Goodwill as well as our partners.

We remain committed to not only ensuring that Governments heed their call for prompt payment but also to ensure that those Government officials who deliberately make payments hard are held personally liable.

Public Service is key to any nation and ensuring that what’s supplied has been paid for.

For more information, kindly reach our Secretary-General via



The Association of Public Sector General Suppliers (APSGS) is open to persons who are engaged in the business of supply of goods and services in the public sector in the Republic of Kenya.

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